Frez-N-Stor offers multiple cold storage options to our customers. We have blast freezing, ambient temps, cold temps 35-38 degree, and freezing 0-15 degree.

We are not reinventing the cold storage wheel but we are inventing a superior way to service cold storage customers in the industry. Certain customers ask for blast freezing, which is rapidly bring down the temperature of food product (poultry, beef, ice cream and fresh produce).

Ecommerce Cold Storage fulfillment is the process where the account/3PL gets an order delivered to a customer after they order it online. This part of the supply chain entails receiving, storing inventory, processing orders, picking items, packing boxes, and having ready for the customers shipping preference. This type of service is normally shipped directly to the customer.

We also have pick & pack cold storage (moving, sorting, checking, and labeling product for the end user), and kitting services (picking an order with multiple products and adding them to one case based on what the end user customer has ordered). Because the product needs to be stored at a cold to freezing temperature, we also pack the case with dry ice or cold gel packs.

At our Terrell, TX location, we pick and pack product in a cold storage environment by customer specifications and we of course have the regular standard storage option as well. We offer cold storage fulfillment for many of the customers at this location, either business to business or FNS to their customer. We also have in-person QC checks to ensure accuracy and quality to the end line user or business customer.

Frez-N-Stor supports producers, retailers, food service providers, and government contracted customers. Each one has one thing in common: the need for cold storage fulfillment

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