Our innovative technology allows us to integrate seamlessly with customers so that they can receive all necessary information electronically.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Inventory Checks
  • Shipping & Receiving Information
  • Purchase Orders
  • Payment Confirmations

Typical EDI transaction sets used are 943,944,940,945,846 and we use AS2 protocol so there is no need for VAN with its additional costs. Customers have real time visibility of shipments, receipts, inventory and customizable reports through the customer portal.

WMS and RF Barcode Scanning

We use state of the art WMS to tracks all aspects of your product and inventory and utilize RF barcode scanning to provide real time data and to improve efficiency and reduce shipping/receiving errors. We have in-house SQL developers to create customized reporting and data management.

IP-Based Surveillance

All of our cold storage facilities are monitored with an IP-based surveillance system that can be accessed by approved customers from any anywhere that you have an internet connection. We use third party monitoring services for burglary, temperature, ammonia and fire. We also have controlled access to all parts of the facility and grounds in all locations.

At Frez-N-Stor, your data is always protected in our secure networks. All employees go through background checks and all facilities are inspected by third party audits.


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